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Years produced: 2003-
Units made:
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General Info

  • Includes AIBO®, software, energy station, battery, pink ball, and AIBOne
  • Built-in wireless LAN connectivity
  • Understands 100+ words/phrases
  • Recognizes owner’s face and voice
  • Tactile touch sensors
  • Self-charges on its charging station
  • Provides remote monitoring (jpeg format)
  • Raise from a puppy or an adult
  • Autonomously plays with its bone and ball
  • Illume-Face provides a multitude of facial expressions


        This product includes ERS-7 robot with wireless LAN (2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11b) installed, “AIBO MIND” 32MB Memory Stick software, Energy Station, Battery (ERA-7B1), AC adapter, AIBOne, Pink Ball, 15 AIBO Cards, and WLAN Manager CD-ROM software.
      With supplied AIBO MIND autonomous software, you can immediately interact with a mature ERS-7 or you can also reset it to its puppy stage. (You can reset to puppy and adult stages as many times as you want.)
      ERS-7 understands and responds to 100+ words and phrases.
      Various autonomous behaviors based on recognition of owner’s face and voice.
      With newly developed Visual Pattern Recognition technology, ERS-7 has improved self-charging capability (24/7 operation) and interacts with its 15 AIBO Cards. AIBO Cards (credit card size) are an entertaining tool that allows you to issue commands, change ERS-7’s settings, modes, etc.
      Wireless LAN capability allows you to view up to 20 pictures ERS-7 has taken from your PC. Photos are JPEG format (416 x 320).
      By sending e-mail commands to ERS-7, it can take pictures on command or at customized intervals and automatically e-mail them back to you. Photo is in 208 x 160 pixels jpeg format when it is sent.
      Send e-mail commands to ERS-7 and have it play pre-recorded messages or songs to others at home.
      ERS-7 loves its new AIBOne (supplied plastic bone), and can bring it to you on command. Of course, it loves its supplied Pink Ball, too.
      45 multi-color LEDs better allow ERS-7 to express its emotions and what it is thinking. In addition, these LEDs indicate the status and function of ERS-7. For example, you can easily recognize the wireless LAN connection status or guide yourself through ERS-7’s Clinic Mode. Finally, Illume-Face (using 24 of these LEDs) provides a completely new way for ERS-7 to show when it is happy, sad, angry, surprised, etc.
      Newly developed tactile touch sensors on the back, head, and chin allow for more organic interaction, and also contribute to ERS-7’s growth development. ERS-7 especially enjoys being petted under its chin.
      PC-based AIBO Custom Manager software (available soon, sold separately) will allow you to customize your ERS-7. For example, the start-up sound can be changed and game modes can be added.













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