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Berlin CES 83


It was 1984, the height of the Personal Robot Age.  Robot companies were springing up everywhere, they were the hot ticket.  To showcase their products the first annual International Personal Robotics Convention was held.  All the big players were in attendance.  It must have truly been a site to behold.  And then, shortly after it all came crashing down and the era was gone as fast as it started.

A shot of the robots in attendance.  Notice the rare BOB/XA and the even rarer Marvin! (They actually did exist!) The famous AROK One of the first robotic lawnmowers. The RB5X with a special LED ring.  This is it's only know public appearance (the ring that is)  
The robotics age booth and Polaroid RB Robots had quite the showing Robot People's booth An aisle shot Dig that hair!
  Just some random people shots More random people Peoples RB5X was great with kids!  ;)



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