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Susie Scribbles - SKIPPY SCRIBBLES

Years produced: 1987
Wonderama Toys, Inc
Units made:
Original price:

General Info

Skippy Scribbles, a bear, was created by the Wonderama Toy Company of New Jersey. The company also produced a blond female figure, Susie Scribbles. A specially recorded two-track cassette tape was used to produce both audio signals and special motor control signals that would drive three servomotors. These motor signals drove a robotic arm with three joints - a shoulder, elbow, and wrist. Skippy and Susie could both write and draw.

Shippy  wears a red shirt and a pair of overalls with the Wonderama logo on the front. Skippy Scribbles is designed to actually write with a pencil! When his power is turned on his mechanical right arm moves back and forth and his paw really does hold a pencil. While he "writes", Skippy seems to speak as his tape plays. (His mouth was never designed to move and neither were his big black eyes, which are stationary. Skippy is a big bear. In his siting position he measures about 15" tall and weighs almost 4 lbs.

Each character sold for about $70, and included a desk, paper and introductory tape. The subject content of the cassette tapes was more scholastic than any previous toys. Ideally, a child would have his own pencil and paper, drawing along while Skippy or Susie demonstrated their "scribbling." Besides tapes of Mother Goose stories and nursery rhymes, there were also tapes devoted to math, spelling, French language, history, the alphabet, and connect-the-dot art. The robot arms on Skippy and Susie performed beautifully but were relatively fragile.






Options: At least 36 audio cassettes were produced for use in the Susie and Skippy Scribbles interactive dolls.

Nursery Tales

Battery and Charger info: 4 "D" cells



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