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Mr. Time
Omnibot Jr
Omnibot 5402
Omnibot 2000

Omnibot 2000

Omnibot 2000

Model 5405

Years produced: 1984 - 1988
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Units made:
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  • A built-in digital clock
  • A built-in Cassette Unit
  • A programmable alarm system with 3 different alarm sound
  • A programmable cassette system to start & stop tapes at any time
  • A memory capable of holding 7 different programs
  • An onboard speaker to mix your voice with pre-recorded music
  • Remote control operation with the Master Control Unit
  • Program movement, voice, and robot sounds onto tapes that can be played back for later execution
  • Automated arm, wrist, hand, and head
  • A motorized tray for carrying and delivering objects and serving drinks
  • Audio-strobe Headlight eyes
  • Accessory Interface Panel for optional Omnibot accessories
  • External jack for adding on a speaker

Remote Features:  The Master Control Unit (MCU) has an antenna with its power switch & indicator. It has a button to push in to talk through its microphone to the robot in which the robot will respond with eyes flickering. It has all the buttons to control the robot as follows: LEFT side of remote has arm up/down, wrist left/right, finger open/clamp, head right/left; RIGHT side of remote controls movement of robot to go forward/reverse, left/right turn, then the gear change in speed; also buttons for tape start/stop, omnibot sounds, light on/off key.

The Remote came in 3 Frequencies:

  • 49.860 Mhz (US)

  • 27.145 Mhz (Europe)

  • 40.680 Mhz (TAL)

  • Remote Control Commands:

  • Power Switch On/Off
  • Arm Control
    • up/down
    • wrist clockwise/counterclockwise 
  • Direction
    • Forward
    • Back
    • Left
    • Right 
  • Finger Open
  • Finger Close
  • Head Right
  • Head Left
  • Gear Change
  • Tape Start/Stop
  • Omnibot Sounds
  • Light On/Off *Eyes

    Size: 2 3/4" L x 1 3/4" W x 4" H

    Options: All the sensors originally cost $ 144.80

    INFRARED SENSOR - No. 5412

    TRACER TAPE - No. 5413

    PHOTO SENSOR - No. 5414

    Ideas for your new PHOTO SENSOR accessory:

    Even in the dark, your Securitroid will be ready to catch a thief!
    Have your robot come to life just by flipping off or on a light. Your mechanical pal makes a great alarm when the sun rises!


    Ideas for your new ULTRASONIC SENSOR accessory:

    Amaze your friends! Hold the transmitter out of sight and your mechanical man will follow you everywhere... like magic!
    Your robot can show-off at yard sales, advertises specials, and carry goods on his tray.
    Let your robot race with your baby brother or sister! See who's the fastest.

    Battery and Charger info:

    Omnibot 2000 requires two(2) AA batteries to run the tape deck and four(4) AA batteries for the remote. The main power supply is the 6-volt 4-Amp Hour rechargeable sealed battery.  The Charger for the robot is a 6Volt 300ma Wall wart.



    Promotional buttons given out in 1985 at the National Personal Robot Show in San Francisco



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