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Years produced: 1983 -
Units made: Approximately 75
Original price:
current value: ?


    "Built for reliability and durability, Hubot includes a complete mobile work station, an Entertainment package and robotic functions." Inside was a complete proprietary SysCon computer.  This was used to do computing task and control the robotic functions.  There was a B&W monitor, Detachable keyboard and optional printer.

  The entertainment package included a voice synthesizer with a 1200-word vocabulary, a 12" black and white television, and AM/FM stereo cassette player, an Atari 2600 video game set and a digital clock that displayed time and temperature.

  There was an optional voice command module that included a microphone to command Hubot verbally.

  Hubot could be preprogrammed to follow a programmed path or driven with a joystick. Once taught a path, Hubot could be command to follow it again with the touch of a button.

  Hubot included a rotating "OSP" (Obstacle Sensing Processor) collar to stop him when an obstacle was encountered.  There was talk of an obstacle avoidance package, but it is unknown if it was ever available.


    Voice Command


        Obstacle Avoidance Package

        Burglar and Fire Alarm

        Arm and Hand

        Drink Tray

        Graphic Path planning on the Monitor

        Battery level detector and self recharging




  Hubot at the 1984 IPRC Hey, what's that on the screen? A Hubot mailer


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