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Years produced:2004 -
Company: Radica
Units made:
Original price:

Type of Robot

General Info

Pino's Moods

As you play with Pino he will express different emotions and go through different moods which will vary the amount that you play and the way that you play. Here are some hints to the way Pino is feeling...

When Pino's visor is yellow he is HAPPY and will sing, dance and want to play - all of Pino's sensors (dependant on age) will be active.
When Pino's visor is orange he is VERY HAPPY and will sing more, dance more and want to play more - all of Pino's sensors (dependant on age) will be active.
When Pino's visor is light green he is in LONELY mode. If Pino stays in this mode for too long he will become sick and need healing.
(Hint: To heal Pino touch his head and hand sensors, talk to him and introduce him to other Pinos that are well. It may also help for him to sleep.)
When Pino's visor is green he is in NORMAL mode you can play games with him, he will sing and dance and communicate with other Pinos.
When Pino's visor is red he is UNHAPPY and will show this by playing his unhappy sound effect (a chime). In this mode Pino's functions are limited and he will not want to play, sing or dance.
(Hint: To cheer him up touch his head and hand sensors and he will return to LONELY mode, keep playing with him and he will return to HAPPY mode.)

Interacting with Pino through these sensors advances him through three stages of growth (he evens sings Happy Birthday when he advances to the next level):

  • Age 1 - Pino displays basic emotions, sings songs and talks with other Pinos
  • Age 2 - Pino displays a full range of emotions, walks, plays games (dancing Pino, Pino room guard, DJ pino, Program Pino, Pino's guessing games) and responds to sound, light and infra red.
  • Age 3 - Pino now has a fully developed personality (either Friendly, Shy or Naughty).

Place two Pinos facing each other and they'll interact with each other, gaily singing and dancing 'til they near fry your brain with unintelligible bleeping.







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