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Robots Offered:

RS-01 RoboDog

From their Press page:

RoboScience is a specialist robotics company, wholly owned by its two directors, concentrating on the development of lightweight mobile autonomous robots and robot systems.  It aims to enhance human life by empowering computers to interact with the physical world. The experienced directors have expertise in high technology, engineering, manufacturing, marketing and general management.  RoboScience is situated in Northamptonshire, England.

RoboScience has a unique company structure with everyone working on a consultancy basis, and collaborating on development and design via the Internet.  RoboScience owns all of the intellectual property rights and patents that are being pursued as a result of the development of the RS-01 RoboDog - with the exception of the Microsoft®  Windows® Operating System and secondary software components.

RoboScience’s philosophy is one of maintaining low overheads, and investing heavily in R&D. The company is concentrating on maximising the value-added element of its engineering activities and will continue to build strategic partnerships with suppliers to facilitate the manufacture of its robots and robot systems

Still gathering info on this company




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