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This site is dedicated to the robots of yesterday, today and tomorrow.  Inside you will find information on companies that produce or have produced robots that enriched our life's as well as laying a foundation for new technologies.   Many robots covered here were difficult to find when they were made and are now next to impossible to locate.  We will cover commercially available personal and educational robots as well as Promotional / Show robots and educational robot arm trainers.  You can find links to available resources and active newsgroups and even repair options.  

I am always looking for robot parts and whole robots.  If you have one just sitting around, feel free to let us know.  We are always expanding the family.

A few of my "Friends"


I would like to thank the many people who have helped out with the site.  Gathering info on these robots is a daunting task and many times hard to come by.  I have tried to give credit whenever possible for use of pictures and text.  I would especially like to thank The Old Robots for helping to format many pictures and writing out pieces of the text you will find with in.


Starting to get some content here, but tons more to add.  I am still gathering articles and pictures to post as when I can.  If you would like to contribute information, stories or pictures, feel free to email. Much of what is here currently is a lot of my notes and placeholders for future ramblings. But for now, ON to the droids!





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